The Jenrette Foundation ("the Foundation") recognizes the importance of accessibility to our sites for visitors with mobility, hearing, and/or visual limitations. 

We want to make you aware of the following information as you plan your visit. Property-specific information for each of our sites is found below. If you have questions or would like to make us aware of your needs prior to visiting, please do not hesitate to contact us via

All the Foundation's historic houses were built during the first half of the 19th century. They lack elevators and other modern accommodations, and tours include access to rooms that require visitors to climb one or sometimes two flights of stairs. For visitors who are unable or do not wish to see the spaces on the upper floors, a bound notebook will be provided which contains images and information about rooms on these floors of the house. Printed copies of room descriptions and other tour content is available upon request for hard of hearing or deaf visitors. 

Visitors should expect to stand for the duration of the tours, which last from 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. Motorized wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices are not allowed in the houses because of the small size of some of the spaces visited during the tour.  

The grounds at each of the sites include pathways and surfaces paved with a variety of materials from gravel and dirt to brick, asphalt, flagstone, and concrete. 

Ayr Mount
Hillsborough, NC
Visitor Parking at Ayr Mount is located about 600 feet from the main house and accessible by pathways of brick and hard-packed gravel. Handicap Accessible parking for visitors with a State-issued Handicapped Parking Permit is available in a lot directly beside the house.

Visitor access to the house is via the front porch which requires climbing six steps. A rear entrance includes a ramp, making the first floor of the house handicap accessible.   
The docent-led tour of Ayr Mount includes three floors of the ca. 1815 house. Visitors should expect to stand for the duration of the tour (approx. 45 minutes) and climb two flights of stairs to access the second and third floors of the house. For visitors unable to climb the stairs, a photographic tour is available highlighting those spaces.  

Pathways at Ayr Mount including the Poet’s Walk are a combination of paved surfaces and packed gravel. The parking areas are also packed gravel. 

Barrytown, NY
From the visitor parking area located outside the gate, visitors should expect to walk down the half-mile long gravel driveway to the front entrance of the house. The driveway is flat and shaded and provides excellent view of the Hudson River. With prior notice, a golf cart is available to transport visitors with mobility issues from the parking area to the front entrance of the house. Unfortunately, there is not a closer parking area.

Access to the house requires climbing nine steps to the front door. Guests who are especially sensitive to heat should be aware that the house lacks air conditioning. While every effort is made to keep it cool during the warmer months, it can get stuffy on warm summer days. 

The tour of the interior is limited to the first-floor public spaces and does not include the second or third floors. Visitors should expect to stand for the duration of the tour (approx. 45 to 60 minutes).  

An accessible restroom is available on the basement level. An accessible restroom is also available in the guest house by the front gate.    

The grounds are open for a short time after house tours have been completed. Pathways are gravel, flagstone, and brick. 

Pinewood, SC

From the parking area to the main house is a distance of about 100 yards. With prior notice, visitors with state-issued Handicapped Parking Permits may park in the circle directly behind the house. 

The tour of the house includes both the first and second floors. Access to the house involves climbing three steps. However, a separate accessible entrance provides access to the first floor. Visitors should expect to stand for the duration of the tour (approx. 60 minutes) and climb one steep flight of stairs to access the second floor. For visitors unable to climb the stairs, a tour booklet is provided that cover the spaces on that floor included in the tour.  

Many of the pathways in the vicinity of the main house are brick, macadam, or packed gravel including the gardens directly adjacent to the house. An accessible restroom is available in the laundry building adjacent to the main house. Another (not accessible) public restroom is in a flanker building behind the main house near the parking lot (Ann Johnson’s cottage).

Roper House
Charleston, SC   
Presently closed to visitors while several restoration projects are taking place.